Around the world in Cessna 182
The ultimate flight simulator adventure

The links below are added as I complete each leg of the trip. Each link points to a page that has all the information about that particular flight, screenshots and sometimes, extra information about the places I am flying over. The route shown below is just an approximate at this point, so it might change as I go. Map of the world shows how far I got at any given point, so you can quickly see what kind of progress I am making (or not).
In addition, thanks to Ari Kesäniemi, you can now also see my complete around the world route here.
UPDATE: July 03, 2004. I have arived home!!! Read about the final flight of my Around the World Trip here
Flight Route Earth image by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Visible Earth
  1. Salt Lake City, Utah (KSLC) to Tucson, Arizona (KTUS) 597 mi
  2. Tucson, Arizona (KTUS) to La Paz, Mexico (MMLP) 553 mi
  3. La Paz, Mexico (MMLP) to Guadalajara, Mexico (MMGL) 503 mi
  4. Guadalajara, Mexico (MMGL) to Acapulco, Mexico (MMAA) 350 mi
  5. Acapulco, Mexico (MMAA) to Guatemala City, Guatemala (MGGT) 644 mi
  6. Guatemala City, Guatemala (MGGT) to Managua, Nicaragua (MNMG) 335 mi
  7. Managua, Nicaragua (MNMG) to Panama City, Panama (MPTO) 506 mi
  8. Panama City, Panama (MPTO) to Cali, Colombia (SKCL) 446 mi
  9. Cali, Colombia (SKCL) to Guayaquil, Ecuador (SEGU) 455 mi
  10. Guayaquil, Ecuador (SEGU) to Trujillo, Peru (SPRU) 420 mi
  11. Trujillo, Peru (SPRU) to Lima, Peru (SPLP) 307 mi
  12. Lima, Peru (SPLP) to Arequipa, Peru (SPQU) 547 mi
  13. Arequipa, Peru (SPQU) to Antofagasta, Chile (SCFA) 506 mi
  14. Antofagasta, Chile (SCFA) to Santiago, Chile (SCEL) 677 mi
  15. Santiago, Chile (SCEL) to Valdivia, Chile (SCVD) 463 mi
  16. Valdivia, Chile (SCVD) to Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina (SAVC) 506 mi
  17. Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina (SAVC) to Punta Arenas, Chile (SCCI) 526 mi
  18. Punta Arenas, Chile (SCCI) to Rio Grande, Argentina (SAWE) 533 mi
  19. Rio Grande, Argentina (SAWE) to Base Marambio (SAWB), Antarctica 783 mi
  20. Base Marambio (SAWB), Antarctica to Isla Rey Jorge, Antarctica (SCRM) via Petrel 191 mi
  21. Isla Rey Jorge, Antarctica (SCRM) Stanley, Falkland Islands (SFAL) 741 mi
  22. Stanley, Falkland Islands (SFAL) to Trelew, Argentina (SAVT) 681 mi
  23. Trelew, Argentina (SAVT) to Buenos Aires, Argentina (SAEZ) 704 mi
  24. Buenos Aires, Argentina (SAEZ) to Montevideo, Uruguay (SUMU) 127 mi
  25. Montevideo, Uruguay (SUMU) to Porto Alegre, Brazil (SBPA) 443 mi
  26. Porto Alegre, Brazil (SBPA) to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (SBGL) via Sao Paolo 759 mi
  27. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (SBGL) to Brasilia, Brazil (SBBR) 584 mi
  28. Brasilia, Brazil (SBBR) to Alta Floresta, Brazil (SBAT) 673 mi
  29. Alta Floresta, Brazil (SBAT) to Manaus, Brazil (SBEG) 544 mi
  30. Manaus, Brazil (SBEG) Macapa, Brazil (SBMQ) via Santarem 668 mi
  31. Macapa, Brazil (SBMQ) to Paramaribo, Suriname (SMZO) 494 mi
  32. Paramaribo, Suriname (SMZO) to Georgetown, Guyana (SYCJ) 214 mi
  33. Georgetown, Guyana (SYCJ) to Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela (SVCB) 380 mi
  34. Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela (SVCB) to Caracas, Venezuela (SVMP) 283 mi
  35. Caracas, Venezuela (SVMP) to Barranquilla, Colombia (SKBQ) 535 mi
  36. Barranquilla, Colombia (SKBQ) to San Jose, Costa Rica (MROC) 637 mi
  37. San Jose, Costa Rica (MROC) to San Pedro Sula, Honduras (MHLM) 468 mi
  38. San Pedro Sula, Honduras (MHLM) to Merida, Mexico (MMMD) 393 mi
  39. Merida, Mexico (MMMD) to New Orleans, Louisiana (KMSY) 622 mi
  40. New Orleans, Louisiana (KMSY) to Knoxville, Tennessee (KTYS) 543 mi
  41. Knoxville, Tennessee (KTYS) to Toronto, Ontario (CYYZ) 581 mi
  42. Toronto, Ontario (CYYZ) to Montreal, Quebec (CYUL) 315 mi
  43. Montreal, Quebec (CYUL) to Halifax, Nova Scotia (CYHZ) 488 mi
  44. Halifax, Nova Scotia (CYHZ) to St. Johns, Newfoundland (CYYT) 558 mi
  45. St. Johns, Newfoundland (CYYT) to Cartwright, Newfoundland (CYCA) 463 mi
  46. Cartwright, Newfoundland (CYCA) to Nain, Newfoundland (CYDP) 278 mi
  47. Nain, Newfoundland (CYDP) to Iqualuit, Nunavut (CYFB) 546 mi
  48. Iqualuit, Nunavut (CYFB) to Maniitsoq, Greenland (BGMQ) 413 mi
  49. Maniitsoq, Greenland (BGMQ) to Kulusuk, Greenland (BGKK) 393 mi
  50. Kulusuk, Greenland (BGKK) to Nerlerit Inaat, Greenland (BGCO) via Reykjavik 900 mi
  51. Nerlerit Inaat, Greenland (BGCO) to Longyear, Norway (ENSB) 737 mi
  52. Longyear, Norway (ENSB) to Tromso, Norway (ENTC) 595 mi
  53. Tromso, Norway (ENTC) to Trondheim, Norway (ENVA) 493 mi
  54. Trondheim, Norway (ENVA) to Oslo, Norway (ENGM) 242 mi
  55. Oslo, Norway (ENGM) to Inverness, Scotland (EGPE) 561 mi
  56. Inverness, Scotland (EGPE) to London, UK (EGKK) via Dublin 445 mi
  57. London, UK (EGKK) to Le Mans, France (LFRM) via Paris 325 mi
  58. Le Mans, France (LFRM) to Madrid, Spain (LEMD) 557 mi
  59. Madrid, Spain (LEMD) to Casablanca, Morocco (GMMC) 515 mi
  60. Casablanca, Morocco (GMMC) to Agadir, Morocco (GMAD) via Marrakech 252 mi
  61. Agadir, Morocco (GMAD) to La Palma, Canary Islands (GCLA) 385 mi
  62. La Palma, Canary Islands (GCLA) to Nouachott, Mauritania (GQNN) 699 mi
  63. Nouachott, Mauritania (GQNN) to Dakar, Senegal (GOOY) 257 mi
  64. Dakar, Senegal (GOOY) to Bamako, Mali (GABS) 652 mi
  65. Bamako, Mali (GABS) to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (DFFD) 438 mi
  66. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (DFFD) to Cotonou, Benin (DBBB) via Lome 559 mi
  67. Cotonou, Benin (DBBB) to Yaounde, Cameroon (FKYS) 650 mi
  68. Yaounde, Cameroon (FKYS) to Kinshasa, Congo DRC (FZAA) 625 mi
  69. Kinshasa, Congo DRC (FZAA) to Luanda, Angola (FNLU) 342 mi
  70. Luanda, Angola (FNLU) to Huambo, Angola (FNHU) 320 mi
  71. Huambo, Angola (FNHU) to Oshakati, Namibia (FYOS) 347 mi
  72. Oshakati, Namibia (FYOS) to Windhoek, Namibia (FYWH) 341 mi
  73. Windhoek, Namibia (FYWH) to Alexander Bay, South Africa (FAAB) 421 mi
  74. Alexander Bay, South Africa (FAAB) to Cape Town, South Africa (FACT) 384 mi
  75. Cape Town, South Africa (FACT) to Bloemfontein, South Africa (FABL) 568 mi
  76. Bloemfontein, South Africa (FABL) to Gaborone, Botswana (FBSK) 313 mi
  77. Gaborone, Botswana (FBSK) to Inhambane, Mozambique (FQIN) 600 mi
  78. Inhambane, Mozambique (FQIN) to Toliara, Madagascar (FMST) 524 mi
  79. Toliara, Madagascar (FMST) to Mahajanga, Madagascar (FMNM) 554 mi
  80. Mahajanga, Madagascar (FMNM) to Mtwara, Tanzania (HTMT) 560 mi
  81. Mtwara, Tanzania (HTMT) to Nairobi, Kenya (HKRE) 667 mi
  82. Nairobi, Kenya (HKRE) to Masindi, Uganda (HUMI) 407 mi
  83. Masindi, Uganda (HUMI) to Malakal, Sudan (HSSM) 543 mi
  84. Malakal, Sudan (HSSM) to Khartoum, Sudan (HSSS) 423 mi
  85. Khartoum, Sudan (HSSS) to Aswan, Egypt (HESN) 589 mi
  86. Aswan, Egypt (HESN) to Cairo, Egypt (HECA) 431 mi
  87. Cairo, Egypt (HECA) to Athens, Greece (LGAV) 689 mi
  88. Athens, Greece (LGAV) to Rome, Italy (LIRF) 656 mi
  89. Rome, Italy (LIRF) to Belgrade, Serbia (LYBE) 440 mi
  90. Belgrade, Serbia (LYBE) to Freiburg, Germany (EDTF) via Bern 722 mi
  91. Freiburg, Germany (EDTF) to Copenhagen, Denmark (EKCH) via Luneburg 573 mi
  92. Copenhagen, Denmark (EKCH) to Moscow, Russia (UUWW) via Helsinki (EFHK) 1108 mi
  93. Moscow, Russia (UUWW) to Murmansk, Russia (ULMM) via Petrozavodsk 935 mi
  94. Murmansk, Russia (ULMM) to Syktyvkar, Russia (UUYY) 723 mi
  95. Syktyvkar, Russia (UUYY) to Omsk, Russia (UNOO) 937 mi
  96. Omsk, Russia (UNOO) to Krasnoyarsk, Russia (UNKL) 773 mi
  97. Krasnoyarsk, Russia (UNKL) to Urumqi, China (ZWWW) 871 mi
  98. Urumqi, China (ZWWW) to Almaty, Kazakhstan (UAAA) 532 mi
  99. Almaty, Kazakhstan (UAAA) to Dushanbe, Tajikistan (UTDD) 536 mi
  100. Dushanbe, Tajikistan (UTDD) to Delhi, India (VIDP) 854 mi
  101. Delhi, India (VIDP) to Kolkata, India (VECC) 797 mi
  102. Kolkata, India (VECC) to Rangoon, Myanmar (VYYY) 640 mi
  103. Rangoon, Myanmar (VYYY) to Bangkok, Thailand (VTBD) 357 mi
  104. Bangkok, Thailand (VTBD) to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (WMKK) 738 mi
  105. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (WMKK) to Jakarta, Indonesia (WIII) 732 mi
  106. Jakarta, Indonesia (WIII) to Surabaya, Indonesia (WRSJ) 413 mi
  107. Surabaya, Indonesia (WRSJ) to Kupang, Indonesia (WRKK) via Denpasar 766 mi
  108. Kupang, Indonesia (WRKK) to Darwin, Australia (YPDN) 522 mi
  109. Darwin, Australia (YPDN) to Alice Springs, Australia (YBAS) 800 mi
  110. Alice Springs, Australia (YBAS) to Adelaide, Australia (YPAD) 821 mi
  111. Adelaide, Australia (YPAD) to Hobart, Tasmania (YMHB) 725 mi
  112. Hobart, Tasmania (YMHB) to Sydney, Australia (YSSY) 663 mi
  113. Sydney, Australia (YSSY) to Brisbane, Australia (YBBN) 453 mi
  114. Brisbane, Australia (YBBN) to Cairns, Australia (YBCS) 865 mi
  115. Cairns, Australia (YBCS) to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (AYPY) 522 mi
  116. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (AYPY) to Jayapura, Indonesia (WAJJ) 660 mi
  117. Jayapura, Indonesia (WAJJ) to Ambon, Indonesia (WAPP) 868 mi
  118. Ambon, Indonesia (WAPP) to Manado, Indonesia (WAMM) 421 mi
  119. Manado, Indonesia (WAMM) to Davao, Philippines (RPMD) 388 mi
  120. Davao, Philippines (RPMD) to Manila, Philippines (RPLL) 607 mi
  121. Manila, Philippines (RPLL) to Taipei, Taiwan (RCTP) 722 mi
  122. Taipei, Taiwan (RCTP) to Shanghai, China (ZSPD) 429 mi
  123. Shanghai, China (ZSPD) to Fukuoka, Japan (RJFF) 546 mi
  124. Fukuoka, Japan (RJFF) to Tokyo, Japan (RJAA) 552 mi
  125. Tokyo, Japan (RJAA) to Vladivostok, Russia (UHWW) 669 mi
  126. Vladivostok, Russia (UHWW) to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia (UHSS) 546 mi
  127. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia (UHSS) to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia (UHPP) 821 mi
  128. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia (UHPP) to Magadan, Russia (UHMM) 544 mi
  129. Magadan, Russia (UHMM) to Anadyr, Russia (UHMA) 926 mi
  130. Anadyr, Russia (UHMA) to Wales, Alaska (IWK) 422 mi
  131. Wales, Alaska (IWK) to Anchorage, Alaska (PANC) 638 mi
  132. Anchorage, Alaska (PANC) to Juneau, Alaska (PAJN) 575 mi
  133. Juneau, Alaska (PAJN) to Port Hardy, British Columbia (CYZT) 591 mi
  134. Port Hardy, British Columbia (CYZT) to Seattle, Washington (KSEA) 319 mi
  135. Seattle, Washington (KSEA) to Missoula, Montana (KMSO) 395 mi
  136. Missoula, Montana (KMSO) to Salt Lake City, Utah (KSLC) 433 mi

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