Around the world in Cessna 182
The ultimate flight simulator adventure

In order to make this as real as possible, I've come up with the following rules:

  • Flying will be in real time and in real world weather.
  • FS settings are at "realistic".
  • Unlimited fuel box is not checked.
  • I will (mostly) fly VFR using GPS navigation.
As you can see from my flight plan, I have not chosen the most direct route. Instead I will go the long way around, to visit as many interesting places as possible. Since I will be flying in real weather, and in real time, it is very possible I will have to wait in some places for days before continuing. As it stands now, my flight plan has about 120 legs so I am estimating that it will take about a year or so. I will try to keep the flight log current as I go.

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Last updated Sun april 04, 2004