Around the world in Cessna 182

June 20, 2004
Shanghai, China (ZSPD) to Fukuoka, Japan (RJFF)

At 23:00 local time, Sunday night (or early Sunday morning, Salt Lake City time) I prepared my plane and took off towards Fukuoka, Japan.

The whole flight today was over the East China Sea and once more it was in complete darkness. As a result I will save a lot of space on my server as I only have few pictures to show.

As I was approaching Fukuoka, the winds really picked up, and the rain started falling. I had trouble keeping my heading and staying aligned with the runway. The landing itself was OK at the end, nothing broke. I went to park the plane at the gate while I get ready for the round two for today.

Getting ready

Leaving Shanghai

Final approach to Fukuoka airport

Brief rest before continuing
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