Around the world in Cessna 182

June 09, 2004
Darwin, Australia (YPDN) to Alice Springs, Australia (YBAS)

My flight today was just over 700 nm, all of it above the Australian desert. There really was nothing much to look at during this flight. I wish MS programmed kangaroos in the FS 2004 so that I can fly low and take a picture of them... Oh well.

I took off from Darwin early morning local time, climbed to 9,500 ft. quickly and set the course to Alice Springs, a town largely known by a giant rock that happens to be near it (but not in FS 2004, so do not expect pictures). The heading of 161 took me directly there. Once more the weather was completely clear, which I understand is not unusual in this part of the world.

The (ILS) approach and landing were without any problems. I left the plane parked at the airport waiting for the next flight (hopefully tomorrow).

Pre flight check at the Darvin airport

Leaving Darvin

The scorching Sun ...

... and the desert below

Finally, on the final approach

All done for today
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