Around the world in Cessna 182

June 11, 2004
Adelaide, Australia (YPAD) to Hobart, Tasmania (YMHB)

Once again at 9 am local time I was ready to continue my trip. After creating the flight plan, I took off and followed the heading 128 direct route to Hobart on the island of Tasmania. This is as far South as I will get before I start heading north towards the Bering Sea (a long way up).

Most of the flight today was over the Bass Strait, a 240 miles of sea that separates Tasmania from the rest of the Australian continent. Hobart is located at the southern end of the island at a very nice bay. It is surrounded by hills, and actually reminded me on the San Francisco bay. Interesting.

The approach and landing went fine despite the thick fog and low cloud cover. I was flying VFR and the tower did not complain. Strange.

Pre flight

Leaving Adelaide

Over the Bass Strait

Tasmania, here I come


Fog over Hobart

Final approach to Hobart airport

Parked at the gate
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