Around the world in Cessna 182

June 12, 2004
Brisbane, Australia (YBBN) to Cairns, Australia (YBCS)

I only had a half an hour break in Brisbane. I really wanted to fly another leg today, so there was no time to waste. At 11:00 local time, I took off heading directly to Cairns. The route from Brisbane to Cairns took me along the Northwest coast of Australia, following the Great Dividing Range. The said mountain range is lower in this part, than south of Brisbane.

Other than enjoying the view of the mountains I was flying over, there was not much going on during this flight. On the approach to Cairns, I got clearance to land on runway 15 which conveniently had an ILS. That made the approach and landing much more enjoyable.

This was a long day, but I made a lot of progress. Now I need to rest, but I do plan to continue tomorrow.

Top off the tanks

Ready for a takeoff runway 19

Leaving Brisbane

Final approach to Cairns

Done for the day

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