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June 06, 2004
Surabaya, Indonesia (WRSJ) to Kupang, Indonesia (WRKK) via Denpasar

I actually waited few hours before continuing towards Kupang as I was waiting for the Sun to come out. So, at dawn I got the plane ready, obtained clearance and took off towards the Island of Bali. As you can see from the title of this page, I flew to Kupang via Denpasar.

First part of the flight I was keeping the heading of 119, while from Denpasar to Kupang I followed 099.

The main reason for waiting for the daylight was so that I can take a good look at some of the volcanoes in the region (I am fascinated by volcanoes). Indonesia is located on the pacific ring of fire and it has dozens of volcanoes.

The first volcano I flew over was Ijen, as stratovolcano at the island of Java. After that I flew near the Agung and Batur, two volcanoes at the island of Bali. The most impressive one however (although not the largest), was the Tambora stratovolcano at the island of Sumbawa (I had to go off course a bit to fly next to it). The explosion of the Tambora volcano in 1815 is widely regarded as the largest volcanic explosion in the recent history. Tambora released so much ash to the atmosphere that it caused the climate change (The year without a summer). That resulted in widespread famine due to the massive crop failure. Scary, but fascinating.

While I was touring the volcanoes of Indonesia, I was using a lot of fuel. The headwind I had to fight did not help either. I was considering making a refueling stop at the Mau Hau airport (how can one not land at the airport with such a name), but after factoring my air speed, distance to Kupang airport, my fuel usage and the degree of my laziness at the moment, I've decided I can make it. It turned out I was right, but barely. Next time, I will probably not let my laziness get the better of me and risk having to glide the plane into the ocean.

At about 14:00 local time I landed at the Kupang airport (with whooping 14.6 gallons left in my tanks) after a bumpy (windy) approach. I parked the plane there and called it a day.

Pre flight check at the Syrabaya airport

Waiting for the clearance from the tower

Leaving Surabaya aiport

Approaching Ijen stratovolcano

The island of Bali in the distance

Agung and Batur volcanoes

The crater at the top of Tambora stratovolcano

Low fuel warning!

Final approach to Kupang airport

Done for the day
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