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June 07, 2004
Kupang, Indonesia (WRKK) to Darwin, Australia (YPDN)

Today I had another long and boring flight over the ocean (well Timor Sea). The flight from Kupang to Darwin took a bit longer than I expected due to heavy headwind. I've been flying against the headwind for the last few days so I guess I should not be surprised. At least this time the distance was much shorter than yesterday and I was not doing any sightseeing, so the fuel was not a problem.

YACY or yet another continent, yawn. Actually I am not yawning, it is very exciting to visit Australia even virtually. I hope to be able to visit there in flesh some time soon. Who knows, maybe one of these years.

The flight itself was really super boring though, almost 5 hours over the big blue. I was at 7,500 ft. following the heading of 105. The approach and landing were uneventful. I parked the plane at the airport and went on to make this web page.

Pre flight check at the Kupang airport

Ready for takeoff from runway 25

Leaving Kupang

Leaving Indonesia (Timor)

Approaching the coast of Australia

Final approach to Darwin airport

Done for the day
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