Around the world in Cessna 182

June 06, 2004
Jakarta, Indonesia (WIII) to Surabaya, Indonesia (WRSJ)

Early Sunday morning Salt Lake City time, and I am ready to continue my trip. Again, due to the time difference, I will be mostly flying during the night today, which means fewer pictures.

The flight from Jakarta to Surabaya has taken me along the northern coast of the Java island. On my right, there were numerous volcanic mountains, at least according to the topo map I found on the web. I really could not see much (OK, I did not see anything). At least the weather was nicer than yesterday when I had severe wind, storms and whatnot. I was flying almost due east (heading 101) at the altitude of 7,500 ft. At about 01:30 local time I landed at the Surabaya airport and parked the plane. There is plenty of time left for me to complete another leg today.

Pre flight check at the Jakarta International

Ready for a takeoff, runway 7 L

Leaving Jakarta airport

Full Moon over Jakarta

Final approach to Surabaya airport

Few minutes rest, then on to the next destination
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