Around the world in Cessna 182

June 16, 2004
Ambon, Indonesia (WAPP) to Manado, Indonesia (WAMM)

Since next two flights are shorter I decided to try to do both the same day, which is something I have not tried before. Sure I did that on the weekend, but not during the week.

First flight was from Ambon to Manado in Indonesia. Manado is located at the north-east corner of the Sulawesi Island. That is one of the major tourist attractions in Indonesia, but I only stayed long enough to refuel and create new flight plan. Maybe next time I can do some sightseeing.

At 8:00 local time, (17:00 SLC time), I got ready and took off from Ambon towards the Manado (heading 327). My route took me over the Molucca Sea and numerous small islands. I climbed to 7,500 ft, set the autopilot to keep the altitude and heading and went on to catch up on some reading.

The ride was bumpy, but I had pretty good tail wind, so I did not complain. That made this leg much shorter. As I was approaching Manado, I requested landing clearance and was cleared to land at runway 18, which meant that I had to fly around the airport, and approach it from the North. Soon afterward I was on the ground refueling my plane.

Pre flight check


Leaving Ambon, heading towards Manado

Flying over the Molucca Sea

Final approach for landing on runway 18

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