Around the world in Cessna 182

June 16, 2004
Manado, Indonesia (WAMM) to Davao, Philippines (RPMD)

At 11:30 local time, some 30 minutes after touchdown at Manado airport, I took off and set the course to Philippines. The weather was nice, I knew there was northerly wind, so there was no reason to postpone this leg for tomorrow.

After taking off, I set the autopilot to follow the heading 006, and started climbing slowly. At 4,000 ft. My ground speed was almost 140 kn, so I decided to stay there for a while. Had this flight been a long one I would have been worried about flying full throttle at 4,000 ft. (fuel flow was 15 Gal/min), but for this leg I cared more about the speed than efficiency.

As I was approaching Mindanao island, I had to climb to 8,500 ft. in order to avoid slamming into the side of a mountain. Even at that altitude, I had nice tail wind. Not surprisingly, when I requested clearance I was told to land on runway 23 which meant another go-around and approach from the North. I guess that was the price I had to pay for all that extra help on the way there.

The Davao airport was fogged over, and the visibility was not all that good. I am glad that they had VORDME approach which made my landing much easier. I left the plane at the GA parking and called it a day. Hopefully, I will continue my trip on Friday.

Pre flight check at Manado airport

This is the same runway I just landed on, 30 minutes ago

Leaving Manado, heading North

Fying over the Pacific Ocean

Mindanao island

I know that the airport is somewhere there...

...and I was right

At the GA parking
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