Around the world in Cessna 182

June 14, 2004
Jayapura, Indonesia (WAJJ) to Ambon, Indonesia (WAPP)

Today's was a long flight, almost at the limits of the range of 182, and I had to be careful with the fuel. I got my plane ready at 9:00 local time and took off heading 261 directly towards Ambon. My flight path took me over the several Indonesian islands.

I stayed at the 8,500 ft. during the whole flight, which was the altitude suggested by the automatic flight plan generator. Since that was also the altitude that had some tail wind at, it worked out OK. My ground speed was over 120 kn for most of the flight, so I was in Ambon sooner than I thought. That was nice as I did not have to stay all that late to complete this leg.

As I was approaching the Ambon airport I got cleared to land on runway 22 which was quite convenient as I was already heading that way. The best thing the ATC can say to me is "fly straight in". The approach and landing went without any problems, I am really getting good at those things.

I will probably not fly tomorrow, but I hope to continue on Wednesday.

Pre flight check at the Jayapura airport

This will be a steep climb...

Made it but just barely

Flying over the Indonesian jungle

Final approach to Ambon airport

Done for the day
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