Around the world in Cessna 182

June 02, 2004
Kolkata, India (VECC) to Rangoon, Myanmar (aka Burma) (VYYY)

There is a very good reason that I chose science as my occupation and not arts. I cannot think of anything original ever. On every one of these pages, there are pictures of pre-flight check, takeoff, approach etc. At least, here and there I have the images of the interesting geography I was flying over.

But back to the ATW thing. I got ready at dawn, and quickly took off from Kolkata towards the Rangoon, Myanmar (CFKA Burma). Since I was flying over the ocean and the lowlands, I was able to stay at the low altitude, 8,200 ft. The direct heading that I followed was 129. Once more, I was lucky with the weather. I guess the monsoon season has not yet started there, otherwise I would probably be in big trouble.

I really did not want to stop at countries ruled by dictatorial idiots, even virtually, but then I would have very few places to land at, especially in this part of the world. Burma, also known as Myanmar, once part of the British empire and today a country ruled by a dictator. That must suck for them. I hope that will soon change.

The approach and landing to Rangoon (Yangon) were without any problems. I left the plane at the gate until I can continue my trip.

Just to make sure that the pilots of the world who happen to fly to Rangoon are not bored to tears, MS decided to put the building right on the runway 10. Luckily it was at the beginning of the runway and was easy to avoid.

Pre flight check at the Kolkata airport

Clearance? Tower? R U there?

Leaving Kolkata

The coast of Bangladesh

Final approach to Rangoon

Building, conveniently placed on a runway. WTF, over.

Done for the day
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