Around the world in Cessna 182

May 23, 2004
Syktyvkar, Russia (UUYY) to Omsk, Russia (UNOO)

Sunday, May 23, the third day in the row that I am flying. Finally, after a long time I am making good progress. Let's see how long that lasts. I still have a long way to go before I return to Salt Lake City.

Today, I've crossed to another continent, Asia, but stayed in the same country, Russia. The Ural Mountains, stretching north to south are the border between the Europe and Asia. I actually thought that the Ural Mountains are much higher. My auto-generated flight plan suggested 7,500 ft. which is the safe altitude to be at during this leg. It must mean that there are no peaks over 6,000 ft. or so, at least at this part of the mountain chain.

As I was crossing the Ural Mountains, the night fell and I got another gorgeous sunset picture. Shortly after the beautiful sunset, the Mother Nature decided to even the balance of good and bad and I flew into series of major thunderstorms. Again, there was a lot of turbulence, and the approach and landing were challenging to say the least. In return I got few nice pictures of the lightning strikes, so I cannot complain. Good thing I do not get motion sickness.

Pre flight check at Syktyvkar airport

Wating for ATC clearance

Leaving Syktyvkar

Sunset over the Ural Mountains

Thunderstorms during the approach to Omsk

Final approach to Omsk airport over the Irtysh river

Done for the day
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