Around the world in Cessna 182

May 21, 2004
Moscow, Russia (UUWW) to Murmansk, Russia (ULMM) via Petrozavodsk

Moscow to Murmansk, another very long flight and once more I decided to play it safe and refuel on the way. Conveniently, there was an airport almost exactly half way there, Petrozavodsk.

I left Moscow at 2 am local time and shortly after that the sun came up. After all it is almost the summer solstice and Moscow is rather north. Other than the fact that taxing took forever, departure was more less uneventful. It was hard to see much in the dark, so I concentrated on the instruments.

For most of my flight from Moscow to Petrozavodsk I had to fight head wind. It was not much, but I sure was glad that I had a chance to refuel. The approach to Petrozavodsk airport was interesting as it took me over the city itself and the Onega Lake. Quite scenic. I did not spend much time there though. After finding the gas station and refueling I've requested taxi for takeoff and then the clearance from the tower. Minutes later I was on my way to the Barents Sea port of Murmansk.

Flying at the altitude of 9,500 ft. I had tail wind for most of that part of my trip which made it much shorter than I originally expected. My ground speed was 145 – 150 kn. Quite amazing for my little Cessna.

The approach to Murmansk was nice as well. The weather cooperated and the visibility was good. The runway 14 was operating so I went around and approached the airport from the northeast. I got nice view of the Barents sea as I was circling (bellow). The landing was a bit bumpy, but nothing too bad.

This was a long day and I can now use some rest.

Pre flight check at the Moscow airport

Ready for takeoff

Leaving Moscow

Desolate area 200 miles north of Moscow

Over the City of Petrozavodsk and the Onega Lake

Final approach to Petrozavodsk (Cross wind, what cross wind?)


Waiting for the clearance

Leaving Petrozavodsk

Lining up for the final approach

Final to Murmansk

Parked at the Murmansk airport
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