Around the world in Cessna 182

May 31, 2004
Dushanbe, Tajikistan (UTDD) to Delhi, India (VIDP)

After a long weekend, I am back home so I can continue my journey (this sounded weird). Anyway, today is my 100'th flight and have arrived to Delhi, India. I started early, at 2 am local time since this flight was a bit on a long side. I was not sure though, if that was a good idea as it was dark and it was raining and I had one more mountain range to fly over. It was not too bad though because by the time I got to the mountains the Sun was up and the weather had cleared. I had to do quite a slalom (see below) in between huge snow covered peaks.

During the first part of my flight, I've stayed at whooping (well for Cessna 182) 17,000 ft. Other than zig-zagging while avoiding the highest peaks of Hindu Kush, I've flown directly to Delhi following the heading 140. After crossing into India (and flying over much lower landscape) I've dropped to 12,000 ft. for the remainder of my trip. The airport in Delhi was fogged over, but they had an ILS, so the approach and landing were not a problem. I was cleared to land at runway 27 which was interesting as I took off from the Dushanbe airport using the runway 27.

"The probability is reaching minus infinity" said the Computer.

Pre flight check at Dushanbe airport

Rainy takeoff

Leaving Dushanbe

Arriving to Hindu Kush at dawn

Slalom around the highest peaks

Final approach to Delhi airport (in dense fog)

Done for the day
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