Around the world in Cessna 182

May 23, 2004
Omsk, Russia (UNOO) to Krasnoyarsk, Russia (UNKL)

Well, since I arrived to Omsk earlier than expected, I decided to go ahead and complete another flight today. Since I will be out of town next weekend, I will try to get as far as I can before that.

I refueled at the Omsk airport, and took off heading east towards Krasnoyarsk. The flight was mostly over the Siberian tundra, so there was very little to see, especially as it was pitch dark. Every now and then the lightning would make the ground and the clouds visible. I have very few pictures from this flight and that was intentional. I am already taking way too much space on the server as it is, and I should only put images when there is something new and exciting to see.

Krasnoyarsk, the city I always wanted to visit, but never did. Who knows, maybe one day I will end up going there as a tourist. You just never know.

Pre fligth check at the Omsk airport

Ready for a takeoff runway 25

Leaving Omsk

Flying over Siberia at 5 am

Final approach to Krasnoyarsk airport

Done for today
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