Around the world in Cessna 182

May 24, 2004
Krasnoyarsk, Russia (UNKL) to Urumqi, China (ZWWW)

Another day, another flight. Other than this one, I might get another leg completed this week, and that is that for a while. I am now far away east that the time difference works out just right. I can start flying at the dawn local time so I have full day to make it wherever it is I am going. Very useful when crossing the mountains.

Speaking of mountains, today after flying over the low lands of Siberia for a while, I had to cross two mountain chains, the Sayan mountains in south Russia and the Altay mountains in west Mongolia. The recommended altitude for this trip was 16,500 ft., but I decided to try my luck at 15,000 ft. That seemed to be OK as I was able to clear all peaks by big safety margin.

Relatively low temperature made my plane perform better at that altitude. In addition I had nice 40+ kn wind at that altitude which made my trip shorter than I expected (so I did not have to stay up whole night). That was nice.

Weather in Krasnoyarsk was cloudy and I had some thunderstorms on and off over the mountains. By the time I got to China though, it cleared up.

I learned something on this trip. Flying really high is super fuel efficient. I might use this on some of the upcoming legs.

Pre flight check at Krasnoyarsk airport

Ready for departure

Leaving Krasnoyarsk

Crossing the Sayan Mountains

Crossing the Altay Mountains

Approaching Urumqi airport

Done for the day
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