Around the world in Cessna 182

December 06, 2003
Georgetown, Guyana (SYCJ) to Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela (SVCB)

This next step of my trip takes me to Venezuela, the country of oil and dictators. The people here are now trying to recall their El Presidente (or should I say El Dictatore). I feel for them having lived myself under the strong arm of an idiot-dictator.

I decided not to fly straight from Georgetown to Ciudad Bolivar, but to take a long detour to visit the Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. Situated in the Canaima National Park, Venezuela, the Angel Falls have breathtaking hight of 3200 ft, fifteen times higher than the Niagara Falls. Now, that is definitely worth extra gas. To get to the Angel Falls, I flew from Georgetown towards the LDP VOR (heading of 250) and then from there towards the Ciudad Bolivar (heading of 336). Not the most direct route, as the Angel Falls are located at the N 5.95 W 62.5 (approximately) but that seemed as the easiest way to do it. Only later, I found out that I could have used the ANGE NDB to directly go to the Falls (this is probably specific for the FS2004 though, and not there in the real life). Canaima National Park is well known for it's flat-topped mountains (made famous by the Lost World, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). Even with the additional scenery I've downloaded, the falls do not look all too impressive, so I guess I will just have to travel there in person to make a good picture.

Otherwise, the flight was not too exciting. I chose the VFR, as I knew I will have to circle around to find those falls, so I did not want to give a heart attack to the poor unsuspecting ATC person.

And, yes I did fly over a very small part of Brazil on my way to LDP VOR for those of you who were wondering.

The approach and landing were excellent this time. I have learned my lesson, do not take pictures and fly!

Parked at the Georgetown airport

Taxying for a takeoff

Leaving Georgetown

Following the Mazaruni river towards the Venezuela

The flat-topped mountain formations (tepuis) of Canaima National Park

The Angel Falls

Embalse de Guri

Final approach to Ciudad Bolivar airport over the Orinoco river

Which way to the parking?
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