Around the world in Cessna 182

December 07, 2003
Caracas, Venezuela (SVMP) to Barranquilla, Colombia (SKBQ)

It is early Sunday morning, and I am ready to continue my adventure. Last night, I had another rather unpleasant landing on a very small airport in complete darkness. Even the runway lights were turned off (or they just did not exist). I really, should re-evaluate my flight plan, and make sure that this only happens when there is absolutely no other option. In this particular case, the Caracas international was only 5 miles away, with lights, ILS, good food and all that.

My flight today was not following the shortest line between Caracas and Barranquilla. I flew from Caracas to ELB VOR first (heading of 271), and then from there to Barranquilla (heading of 340). The reason: high mountains, as usual. This route allowed me to stay at reasonable 11,000 ft throughout the flight (I did have to climb to 12,500 ft. for a period of 30 minutes or so).

Two interesting places that I saw today were Cordillera De Merida mountains and a very large lake, Lago de Maracaibo. As always, screen shots are included below. If these places that I am seeing are as authentic as the Salt Lake City area (and the authenticity of the Salt Lake City surrounding is amazing), this really is almost as good as being there (without the possibility of being kidnapped, killed or whatever, by the local guerrillas).

One thing that is really interesting to me is the weather. So far, I've encountered bad weather only two or three times, and even that was not to bad. Am I just having lots of luck with the weather, or is the weather around the world really mostly nice? We shall see how much longer will this trend continue.

Once more I proved that the key to good landing is good approach. It was cool to see planes waiting for me to land (that is why I call ahead and request clearance).

Ready to take off from runway 8

Leaving Caracas

Flyng over the Venezuelan jungle

Venezuela has nice mountains too (Cordillera De Merida)

Lago de Maracaibo

Final approach to Barranquilla airport
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