Around the world in Cessna 182

December 06, 2003
Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela (SVCB) to Caracas, Venezuela (SVMP)

Since this part of the trip does not take me over any cool places (like the previous one), it was OK to fly in complete darkness. This time though, I have chosen to fly IFR which made navigation much easier.

My designated altitude was 8,000 ft. and the course 313. Once again I had tail wind, which gave me the cruise speed of over 140 kn. The approach to Caracas was easy since all I had to do was to follow the ATC instructions, and not worry about where the high towers and other planes are. I think I will fly IFR much more often now. I really do have to chose the airports more carefully though, once again I had to land at the small land strip without any lights... That sucked.

There was nothing interesting to see, so there are no screen shots either (well only few). Today was a good day, as I got to complete 3 legs of my journey. I am not sure how much I will be able to accomplish tomorrow, so this was really good.

Preparing for the flight

Final approach to Caracas

I cannot believe I was able to land in complete darkness!!!
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