Around the world in Cessna 182

November 28, 2003
Montevideo, Uruguay (SUMU) to Porto Alegre, Brazil (SBPA)

I was afraid my plane would not get off the ground after the feast yesterday (pilot too heavy). You have got to love Thanksgiving. In addition to lots of good food, this was really a nice break and I was able to make good progress this week.

The weather is still on my side and I am taking the full advantage of it. Not sure how much longer that will last, but for now I will take it. Partly cloudy, light wind, perfect for sightseeing. I got my flight plan in the morning and took off from Montevideo towards the Brazilian border. My flight today was following the heading of 050 direct route from the capital of Uruguay to Porto Alegre in Brazil. Recommended altitude was 5,500 ft., but once more I found better winds higher than that, and maintained 9,500 ft. throughout the flight. During this flight I was still close to the Atlantic Ocean, staying some 50 miles west of the coast.

Approach and landing were perfect, which is always good. I parked the plane and went on to create the next flight plan as I am planning to leave in few minutes.

Leaving Montevideo

Above rural Uruguay

Final approach to Porto Alegre

Parked at the GA parking
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