Around the world in Cessna 182

November 15, 2003
Lima, Peru (SPLP) to Arequipa, Peru (SPQU)

Daylight flight at last!!! Last week, I did not make very good progress, due to the time difference and the consequent lack of daylight. For some parts of this trip, that is OK, but for some it is not. One of the main reasons that I am flying around the world is to look at the geography of the places I am visiting. At night, the only thing I can do is to look at the geography of the sky (that is if it is not cloudy).

Speaking of clouds, today was overcast in Lima, with really low clouds, so I did not see much of the city during my takeoff. I left from Lima military airport at 8:45 local time keeping the heading of 147 towards the SJN VOR. Again, the direct route between Lima and Arequipa was not an option, as the required altitude for that was 23,500 ft., well above the capabilities of my 182 (and my lungs for that matter). From there, I turned to 107 which took me straight to Arequipa. I was experimenting with the altitude a bit during this flight, mainly to see how high I can actually climb. I went as far as 15,000 ft, and it seemed like I could go at least 1,000-1,500 ft more, but that might have been pushing it. The service ceiling of the 182 is 18,500 ft, but I assume that is the altitude reachable only in the ideal conditions. After that, I went down to 13,500 ft for the rest of my flight. Second part of this trip took me over some of the Andes peaks, and that seemed like the reasonable (read safe) altitude to be at.

Approach to Arequipa was wild in a way. Flying towards the city took me very close to a very high volcano (Misti). I had to stay at high altitude for a long period of time in order to make a (very sharp) turn south of the town, then nosedive (sort of), and finally land at the runway 27 at the Rodriquez Ballon airport in Arequipa which sits at the 8,505 ft. I did get some neat shots of my approach though.

Ready for takeoff in Lima

Lima suburbs

Peruvian Andes

Approach to Arequipa (view of the Misti volcano) Taxying to the gate

At the gate
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