Around the world in Cessna 182

December 06, 2003
Paramaribo, Suriname (SMZO) to Georgetown, Guyana (SYCJ)

This was really a very long break. I have not made any progress for the last 5 days. Now, it is weekend again, and I am ready to fly.

Flight from Paramaribo to Georgetown is the first one that I have done using IFR. The weather was nice and clear, so I figured it would be a good time to practice IFR. The reason I did not fly IFR before was that when I tried (during my practice flights, before I started my around the world trip) I had big issues with the ATC. They usually wanted me to climb to an altitude I could not climb to, and there was no "unable to comply" option in the reply menu. This time, the IFR actually worked much better, and the ATC was much more reasonable.

The airport at Paramaribo, one that I have chosen while creating the flight plan, turned out to be the smallest airport in the world or something. I was going for the international, but what I got was a microscopic one (see the screen shots below). I was really worried if I would be able to take off at all, and not to even mention the landing I had there few days ago.

The flight itself was a very short one and the tail wind I had, made it even shorter. The weather was clear, and I was able to enjoy the view from my altitude of 6,500 ft. Again I chose to use GPS navigation, and my flight plan called for a direct flight following the heading of 298.

Approach was fine, but the landing was rough, and I probably damaged my front landing gear again. Darn, I will have to check that. Main problem that I seem to have is that while trying to get good screen shots of approach and landing I do not pay much attention to the approach and landing. OK, I will change that, so expect fewer cool shots of the actual final steps of the approach and landing from now on.

Pre-flight check at Paramaribo airport

The smallest airport and the shortest airstrip in the world

Leaving Paramaribo

The beach along the Atlantic (Suriname)

Final approach to Georgetown
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