Around the world in Cessna 182

December 07, 2003
Barranquilla, Colombia (SKBQ) to San Jose, Costa Rica (MROC)

After the brief rest in Barranquilla, I took off towards the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. This time, I did fly directly following the heading 268 at the altitude of 11,000 ft. Most of this flight was over the Caribbean sea so there were very few Kodak moments on route. I've compensated by taking whole lot of pictures of me following the Cessna grand amphibian towards the runway 4 at the Barranquilla airport. That airport seemed to be very busy.

By the time I got to Costa Rica coast, it was already dark, and I used my GPS to navigate around the highest mountain peaks. Once I got to the approach vectors, I let the auto-pilot align the plane for the perfect approach, and I was controlling the altitude. Once, I was about one mile from the airport, I turned the auto-pilot off, and proceeded to land manually (as I always do). I got the clearance and all that, and then about 15 seconds before I was going to land, the ATC told me to abort and go around. Mooney that was in front of me, did not get off the runway on time. That sucked. So, I went around the airport, had to approach again, and then finally landed. Now, it is time to rest.

Pre-flight check

Taxying towards the runway 4
Waiting in line for a takeoff

Leaving Barranquilla airport

Few Kodak moments (Sunset over The Caribbean Sea)

Final approach to the San Juan international

On the ground, in one piece
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Costa Rica

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