Around the world in Cessna 182

November 23, 2003
Stanley, Falkland Islands (SFAL) to Trelew, Argentina (SAVT)

I've got no time to see anything and no time to be a tourist. Refuel, create new flight plan, stretch my legs for few minutes and head on to the next stop. Back to Argentina.

Falkland Islands are a UK territory, but are claimed by Argentina as well. That area has been a showdown place for the brief war in the early 80's. All is peacefull now and supposedly everyone at the island is happy with the way things are (at least according to their web page).

Flight from Stanley to Trelew was another long and uneventful one almost entirely over the Atlantic Ocean. All that means is, that I got 5 more hours to catch up on my reading. All I did more less, was to take off, climb to 9,000 ft, set the auto pilot to keep the heading of 324 and then, when the time came pilot the plane for the approach and the landing.

One thing that sucks is that now I am at the east side of the South American continent, which means it will be even more difficult for me to find time to fly during the daylight hours. Once I get far enough east (12 time zones), it should be OK, but that is really far off. We shall see though how it works.

I did OK on the approach, but the landing sucked. I had strong cross wind and on top of that I was a bit inpatient (let that be a lesson for me), and bounced twice a bit hard. I will now probably have to fix the front gear, or at least have it checked.

Leaving Stanley

Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean

On final to Trelew

Taxying to parking
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Falkland Islands


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