Around the world in Cessna 182

November 28, 2003
Porto Alegre, Brazil (SBPA) to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (SBGL) via Sao Paolo

Friday after thanksgiving is the main shopping day of the year. That can only mean one thing: I am not leaving the house... Streets are jammed, highways packed with cars, and do not even think about going near any mall. Perfect day for flying in Brazil, that is all I can say.

I've decided do something different this time. Originally I planned to fly from Porto Alegre, to Rio de Janeiro in three steps (I am not sure why), but now I've changed my flight plan to do it all at once. I did stop in Sao Paolo to refuel, mostly because I wanted to land there, I did not really need refueling. I've actually never tried to do this in the Flight Simulator before, so this was an interesting experience.

The only bad thing about this is that the night fell as I was flying towards Sao Paolo, but since there was very little to see during this particular flight, that was OK. Besides, I am really getting much better at instrument flying and landing. The way things are going, I might actually decide to get a real life pilot's license one day.

One more thing that I discovered was that there is no option on my friendly “talk to ATC menu” to ask directions to the gas station. Instead, I had to just taxi around the airport looking for it... funny, the first thing I found was El Chicken fast food place (see below). Eventually I did find the gas station, refueled my plane and took off, heading 094 towards the Rio. This second part was much shorter than the first one.

Finally, the approach and landing at Rio de Janeiro were OK, but the taxying took for ever, as the airport was really busy.

It is interesting how FS2004 calculated the fuel consumption in the flight log. After my final leg, I had -24.8 gallons in the tank. This is what I think happened: I used 43.5 in the first part, which means that I had 48.5 left in the tank. I then filled up the tank (added back 43.5 to total of 92.0 gallons). At the end I had -24.8, and since I am pretty sure they calculated that from the amount I had left when I finished the first part of the trip (48.5), that means that I actually used 18.7 gallons on the second part. It's a bug in the program and I figured it out. Ha!

Leaving Porto Alegre

Brazilian jungle

On final approach to Sao Paolo airport

This is not a gas pump!!!

This is a gas pump

Leaving Sao Paolo airport

Final to Rio de Janeiro
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