Around the world in Cessna 182

November 29, 2003
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (SBGL) to Brasilia, Brazil (SBBR)

I was just saying yesterday that I am having luck with the weather, and of course, today I had to land in a thunderstorm. It was not too bad though, the winds at the ground level were manageable. As I was descending towards the airport the plane was being tossed all over the place, and I thought I will have to abort the landing. Luckily, once I got below 5,000 ft. it got much better.

The day started at Rio de Janeiro international airport. Before setting the heading towards Brasilia, the capital of Brasil (Brazil, is spelled Brasil in Brazil) I took the tour over the touristy places in Rio. I did a low altitude flyover above the main beach and the hotels in front of it. It was disappointing though, that the statue of Jesus, one of the best known landmarks of Rio was not programmed into the FS2004. Note to programmers: please add that, and other tourist attractions around the world such as the statues at the Easter Island etc. But as I was saying before, even without those few things, the reality level of this program is just amazing.

On my way to Brasilia, I flew over the Brazilian Highlands. I remember seeing the show on Discovery channel about the Brazilian Highlands, and it was gorgeous. Of course, from 9,500 ft. that place did not look nearly as impressive.

As I mentioned before, as I was getting closer to Brasilia the weather started acting up, and I flew through major thunderstorm with lightning, high winds and all that. Unfortunately I could not take a screen shot of a lightning even though I tried hard. I was just too slow. Landing was OK, but I did bounce few times, mainly because I was trying to take the screen shots, and land at the same time (excuses, excuses).

Leaving Rio de Janeiro international airport

Low altitude flight over the tourist district

Brazilian highlands

Final approach to Brasilia airport in a thunderstorm
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