Around the world in Cessna 182

November 30, 2003
Manaus, Brazil (SBEG) Macapa, Brazil (SBMQ) via Santarem 668 mi

Thanks to the marathon flight yesterday, I've made it to Manaus, a large (1.5 million) city in the heart of the Brazilian rain forest, where I spent the night. The city of Manaus, is located on the bank of the Negro river, just north from where it merges with the Amazon.

As I was flying towards the Macapa following the Amazon, I went over the river, and the jungle flying very low, and not surprisingly, the detail level was not very impressive. I did include some of the screen shots anyway. From very close up, the Amazon rain forest looks nothing like it looks in the real life. Maybe, I can repeat this trip in the Flight Simulator 2014 and then it will be like the real thing (viewed on my 50", 3D, virtual reality monitor or some such). I am not really making a prediction, I have no idea when will the virtual world look so real that you cannot tell the difference. It might be 2 lifetimes from now, I just do not know but I am hoping it will be soon for my own selfish reasons.

Another interesting thing was that I crossed back into the Northern hemisphere after many days south of the Equator. The port of Macapa sits at 0º 04' North 51º 04' East (for those of you who appreciate this type of information).

Weather was a bit cloudy for my approach and landing and I had some crosswind, but it was not a problem at all, everything went fine.

Leaving Manaus airport

Flying low over the Amazon

High above the jungle

The exact moment of crossing the Equator
On final approach to Macapa airport

Parked at the general aviation parking
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