Around the world in Cessna 182

November 29, 2003
Brasilia, Brazil (SBBR) to Alta Floresta, Brazil (SBAT)

My stay in Brasilia was rather brief, only long enough to stretch my legs, refuel and create a flight plan for the next leg of my trip. The airport, and the city are relatively high, situated at about 3,500 ft. above sea level. That just makes it easier to get to my preffered cruise altitude of 9,500 ft.

Direct route from Brasilia to Alta Floresta, my next destination, was following the heading of 323. Soon after the takeoff, the night fell and I could not see much. That is OK though, as I am not sure there is much to see on this part of my journey. As a matter of fact, until I get to the Amazon, there will probably not be much worth seeing, which gives me an idea... I should try to complete another leg today, and fly all the way to the Amazon river.

The airport at Alta Floresta is a very small one. Aparently they did not find it appropriate to turn the lights on for an approaching airplane, so I had to land in the dark using only instruments to guide me. I knew where the airport was, what altitude it was at, so I was watching my GPS and altimeter until I was about 1 mile from the airport and I could see it. Piece of cake :-)

Leaving Brasilia


Final approach to Alta Floresta

Landing at Alta Floresta airport
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