Around the world in Cessna 182

November 29, 2003
Alta Floresta, Brazil (SBAT) to Manaus, Brazil (SBEG)

Since I have decided that there is not much to see on this part of the trip, and since I will not be able to make a lot of progress during the weekdays for a while, I took of from Alta Floresta 15 minutes after landing and set the heading of 343, direct route to Manaus. Once more I chose the cruise altitude of 9,500 ft. For some reason, that altitude really works well for me, as far as speed and fuel consumption are concerned.

Since it was completely dark during this flight and since I was flying over the more less unpopulated areas (jungle), I did not get to make any screen shots other than during the takeoff and landing. That is just as well as I was going nuts with images over the last several days. I am just trigger happy with the camera, I cannot help it.

Tomorrow will be another big day, I get to follow the Amazon all the way to the Atlantic ocean, and if I have time, I might even make it to Guyana as well.

The approach and landing were quite OK. The weather was good, the ILS was working, and there was no crosswind. What more can one ask for?

I've done a lot today, and not it is time to rest.

Pre-flight check

Takeoff from Alta Floresta airport
Final approach to the Manaus airport

Parked at the Manaus airport
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