Around the world in Cessna 182

November 22, 2003
Base Marambio (SAWB), Antarctica to Isla Rey Jorge, Antarctica (SCRM) via Petrel

After brief rest at the Base Marambio, I took off towards Isla Rey Jorge. The weather was clear, and the temperature 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer in the Antarctica, you gotta love it.

This part of the trip was short, even with the fly by Petrel detour. I decided not to land there, and just buzzed the tower instead (another trailer-tower). This was good preview of things to come though, as I had a head wind, and my fuel consumption went through the roof. I will have to be very careful tomorrow in order to make it to the Falkland Islands. That will be one interesting trip. Even though it will be over the water most of the time, I will have to constantly adjust speed and altitude to ensure that I can actually make it all the way there.

All three airports that I have visited in Antarctica, are on the islands, and I never actually landed on the mainland, but I flew over it and took some shots.

Ready for takeoff at Base Marambio

Towards Petrel

Ice runway at the Petrel airport

Mainland Antarctica
Isla Rey Jorge

Parked at Isla Rey Jorge airport
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