Around the world in Cessna 182

November 27, 2003
Trelew, Argentina (SAVT) to Buenos Aires, Argentina (SAEZ)

I was busy over the last few days, and had no time to fly. Another problem with flying during the weekdays (besides being busy), is that due to the time difference, it is almost impossible for me to manage to fly during the daylight. But, today is a holiday, the Thanksgiving day, and I am ready to continue my journey. I got up early in the morning, got ready, created a flight plan, and took off towards the Buenos Aires.

The east side of the South American continent does not have mountains like the west side (Andes) so I plotted the direct route, following the heading 032 at the altitude of 9,500 ft. The suggested altitude was only 5,500 ft. but I found better winds somewhat higher.

It is now summer in Argentina and it is very warm, especially as I am getting closer to the equator. What a contrast, it has been snowing in Salt Lake City like crazy over the last few weeks.

As I was hoping, I am getting really good at estimating the fuel consumption, and flying the most efficient way, by carefully choosing the altitude, speed, mixture etc. As I mentioned before that will come in really handy during few of the really long legs of this journey, plus it will allow me to modify my flight plan to visit the places I thought were out of reach.

While landing in the crosswind sucks, I must say, I am getting much better at that now. Pretty soon, I will be an expert.

Trelew airport


Leaving towards Buenos Aires

The east coast of Argentina

Flying over the countryside

Downwind leg

Final approach

Taxying to the gates
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Flight log:

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