Around the world in Cessna 182

June 18, 2004
Davao, Philippines (RPMD) to Manila, Philippines (RPLL)

What better way to spend Friday evening than to fly from Davao to Manila. What a nerd I am. Sigh. So, at 17:30 SLC time (8:30 local), I got ready and took off, heading 328 at 12,500 ft. I had some tail wind on that altitude, so the trip did not take all that long, just under 4 hours.

I have flown high over numerous islands of all shapes and sizes, so again, there was not much to see, hence only few pictures this time. Weather at Davao was not very good, high winds and thunderstorms, but only few miles north of the city, it got much better.

Overall, this was not the most interesting flight, so yet again the autopilot did most of the work, and I did whole lot of reading. This is like having a book in the plane with me and reading while taking a look at the instruments and out of the window every now and then.

After landing at Manila, I parked the plane and called it a day, even though I was tempted to try another leg today. At the end, the laziness got the better of me so I did not. Tomorrow then.

Pre flight check at Davao airport

Ready for a takeoff, runway 23

Leaving Davao Airport

Flying over Philippinian countryside

Another final approach in a thick fog

Done for the day
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