Around the world in Cessna 182

June 19, 2004
Manila, Philippines (RPLL) to Taipei, Taiwan (RCTP)

At 22:20 local time I got my plane ready, created a flight plan and took off heading 353. I was planning originally to fly directly from Manila to Taipei, but after finding out that direct route would take me over the highest peaks in Taiwan, I've decided to take a detour. I flew from Manila to Makung (RCQC), which is on a small island in the Taiwan Strait, then turned right towards Taipei. That did add few miles to my trip, but it was much safer to avoid flying over the mountains at night.

I did this leg of my trip during the night, so there aren't many Interesting pictures to show here. Only the ones from takeoff and landing. After landing in Taipei, I went to refuel the plane and prepare for the next part of my trip.

Pre flight check at Manila airport

Ready for a takeoff

Leaving Manila

The mother of all crosswinds

Is the fuel truck supposed to come to me?
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