Around the world in Cessna 182

June 21, 2004
Tokyo, Japan (RJAA) to Vladivostok, Russia (UHWW)

Today I flew back to Russia. I had a late start as I was busy this afternoon/evening, so the flight stretched late into the Salt Lake City night. It was still daylight when I got to Vladivostok though.

After flying across the Honshu island, I was over the Japan Sea. I must say that I was not aware of how huge the Japan Sea really is. I thought Japan was much closer to the Russian mainland. I guess that is the whole purpose of this trip, to get the idea of how does this planet look like, what are the main features and to get the idea of relative distances.

I was flying at 11,500 ft. following the heading of 328. I did not have very good winds so I ended up using a lot of fuel. It was not critical though, I still had plenty left when I landed. As I was approaching the continent, the weather turned for the worse. The turbulence was quite strong. The approach to Vladivostok airport was OK even though strong winds made it hard to stay lined up from time to time. I got clearance for landing at runway 25R which I did, and then left the plane at the gate until my next flight.

Pre flight check at Tokyo airport

Traffic jam on the takeoff

Leaving Tokyo

Final approach to Vladivostok airport

Done for the day
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