Around the world in Cessna 182

June 19, 2004
Taipei, Taiwan (RCTP) to Shanghai, China (ZSPD)

Wasting no time I got ready and took off from Taipei airport with first light. I climbed to 7,500 ft. and set the course directly to Shanghai, China (009). This was relatively short flight over the East China Sea and along the East coast of China.

I still had good luck with the weather, it was partially cloudy most of the way. There was some fog as I was taking off from Taipei, but nothing major. The visibility was still tolerable. With some tail wind, the flight did not take long time at all.

I got clearance to land on runway 17, so I flew parallel to the airport, made a right turn, and lined up for landing. Few minutes later my plane was parked and I was done.

Just about to takeoff from the Taipei airport

Leaving Taiwan

Dawn over the East China Sea

Final approach to Shanghai airport

Done for the day
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