Around the world in Cessna 182

June 28, 2004
Anchorage, Alaska (PANC) to Juneau, Alaska (PAJN)

I have continued today down the coast of Alaska towards the capital Juneau. Since I was going over the mountains, I climbed relatively high (13,500 ft) just to be on the safe side. The heading of 082 took me directly to my destination, there were no detours this time.

As I was leaving Anchorage, I saw many ominously looking clouds, but as I got over the mountains, the weather improved. It stayed like that all the way to Juneau, which made for an easy approach and smooth landing.

On the approach to Juneau, I got clearance to land on runway 26 so I had to fly over the city and approach the airport from the Northeast. After landing I parked my plane and left it there until I am ready for the next leg, which will hopefully be this Wednesday.

Pre flight check at the Anchorage airport

Ready for takeoff

Leaving Anchorage, flying into the clouds

Weather got better over the mountains

Downwind leg over Juneau

Final approach to Juneau

Done for the day
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