Around the world in Cessna 182

June 29, 2004
Juneau, Alaska (PAJN) to Port Hardy, British Columbia (CYZT)

Since my mountain biking trip got canceled today, I was able to complete another leg and fly to the Vancouver Island. When making the plan for my trip, I chose the Port Hardy as one of my stops, as that was the only place on that island that I have not visited, so I figured I should go there at least virtually.

The flight took me down the coast of Alaska and Canada following the heading 121 at the altitude of 7,500 ft. It was hard to see from the air, but I think that this area is one of the most famous cruise destinations in the world (probably not for people whose idea of a fun cruise includes a bikini and a drink with an umbrella in it).

As I was getting closer to the Vancouver Island, the ride started getting bumpy as the winds picked up, so I tried to find another altitude that was a bit more peaceful. That was the case at 8,500 ft., so I stayed there for a while.

The airport at Port Hardy does not have a tower, so I announced landing on runway 11 and just landed. There was no other traffic in the area at the time. Tomorrow, I will be flying to Seattle.

Pre flight check at the Juneau airport

Ready for takeoff

Leaving Juneau

Getting closer to the Vancouver Island

Final approach to Port Hardy airport

On the ground
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