Around the world in Cessna 182

December 08, 2003
San Jose, Costa Rica (MROC) to San Pedro Sula, Honduras (MHLM)

Another day, another flight. I was glad to be able to start this part of my trip during the daylight, as I wanted to look at the San Jose valley, but the weather was not cooperating (it was foggy and cloudy).

Since this part of my trip goes over relatively high mountains, and since the second half was to be in the dark, I chose to do it in the IFR. So, I packed my things, filed an IFR plan, got clearance, taxied to the runway, took off, climbed to my designated altitude of 10,000 ft., set heading to 324 and then kicked back and enjoyed the view.

As I was approaching the border with Nicaragua I was able to see both the Pacific Ocean on the left and the Caribbean Sea (little bit of it through the clouds) on the right. Costa Rica is very small I guess. It was cool though and I have of course included the screen shots of that. I was also able to make a really cool shot of the Lago De Nicaragua with the Pacific Ocean in the background. Last time I was flying over this lake (on my way towards Antarctica) it was mostly cloudy and I did not get a very nice picture. I've also included yet another sunset screen shot. It will be a while before I see the Pacific Ocean again, so I just had to include that one.

It was nice not to have to worry about the mountain peaks, and to let the ATC guys take care of that. I think I will fly IFR more often that I did in the past, especially at night.

Pre-flight check at the GA parking

Taxying towards the runway 7

Ready, set...


The Pacific Ocean to the left...

and the Caribbean Sea to the right

Lago De Nicaragua

Yet another sunset...

Final approach to San Pedro Sula airport

Parked at the San Pedro Sula airport
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