Around the world in Cessna 182

November 08, 2003
Managua, Nicaragua (MNMG) to Panama City, Panama (MPTO)

Taking the advantage of a weekend, I am doing my second leg today. This one is relatively easy, and not too long, taking me mostly over the Caribbean Sea. As I am done with flying over high mountains for a while, my automated flight plan generator suggested the cruise altitude of measly 5,500 ft following heading 112.

My route took me over the part of Nicaragua and Panama, and not too far from the east coast of Costa Rica. After takeoff, I went over Lago de Nicaragua, the (much) larger of two lakes that are near the Managua. As I was approaching Lago de Nicaragua, I took nice shot of both lakes, and the plane shadow on the ground below. Even with the haze that made ground features appear in dull colors, it was still a nice shot. On this leg, I got to finally see the Caribbean Sea. Not that it looks different than any other sea or ocean, but I've never been there before so it was still interesting. I was looking forward to seeing the Panama Canal, but as it was dark when I got there I will have to wait until next morning when I start the next leg of my trip.

Approach and landing went smooth, other than the L - R confusion... apparently, I have to learn to listen to ATC better so that when they say cleared to land on runway 3L, I do not select ILS approach for 3R. Once I realized (before I actually landed) I had to abort, go around and make my approach again. Live and learn.

Ready for takeoff from Managua

Next stop Panama City

Two lakes and the plane shadow

Lago de Nicaragua

The Caribbean Sea

Nicaragua - Costa Rica border

Sunset over the Caribbean Sea
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