Around the world in Cessna 182

November 05, 2003
Guadalajara, Mexico (MMGL) to Acapulco, Mexico (MMAA)

I had all intentions of doing this part of my trip during the daylight, especially as it is rather short, but it was just not meant to be. I was able to take a good look at the scenery at the beginning of the trip, but the rest was mostly in clouds and totally in the dark. Once again, I only have few screen shots to show and dark ones at that. Direct heading to Acapulco was 130, but I had to make some adjustments, to go around few high peaks that were in my way. I was flying at 12,000 ft, and again, enjoyed nice tail wind. I am guessing that I could have made it over those peaks, even if I flew straight, but just to be safe, being night and all, I went around. I am using information from the web, to determine the safe altitude for my flights. Maybe I should have done this one IFR, but the suggested altitude for this leg by FS route finder was 15,500. I am sure ATC would want me to fly that high (see the rant on the day 3) so I went VFR (through the clouds - kids, never do anything like this). Acapulco airport is at the elevation of 16 ft. which will be big change after Guadalajara which is at over 5000 ft.

150 nm before Acapulco I had to turn to 215 as I was approaching very high mountains. The clouds were gone and the moon was bright enough for me to see them, and they looked really high. Instead of guessing how high I need to go in order not to make physical contact with Sierra Madre del Sur, I decided to yet again fly around. Better safe than sorry. I flew straight to Zihuatanejo (MMZH), and from there down the west coast of Mexico. This short leg has been much more difficult than I expected.

I used GPS for my approach, and that worked really well. Lending was smooth (OK I did bounce once). I did have problems with ATC again. I mean what is up with that. I was about to land, focusing on the airport in front of me, and how to make the perfect landing, when out of nowhere King Air flies 20 ft above my head (he was landing too). Again I wished they included proper four letter words in my ATC reply options. Grrrrr. I heard him on the radio, but I thought he was at the safe distance behind me. He almost landed and the ATC then told him to abort and go around (because of me I guess). At that point, why bother? He was already ahead of me.

Takeoff from Guadajara airport

Flying over Laguna De Chapala

Flying along the west coast of Mexico

Acapulco by night

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