Around the world in Cessna 182

December 11, 2003
San Pedro Sula, Honduras (MHLM) to Merida, Mexico (MMMD)

Thursday night, 19:15 local time, partially cloudy. Perfect time to continue my journey. I've spent enough time in Honduras, now I am ready to go to Mexico.

I filed IFR plan for direct flight to Merida. Originally I chose 6,000 ft. but once I was in flight I requested a 1,000 ft. increase from the ATC in order to avoid turbulence that I encountered at my original altitude. Direct route from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to Merida, Mexico was following the heading of 340.

The flight was really more less uneventful. I decided to go ahead and fly despite the fact it was night, as there was not much to see other than the Gulf of Honduras and jungle covered lowlands. I did fly over the new country, Belize, but I did not land there. Maybe I should have, just to say that I've been to Belize. I will include it on the list of countries I've been to anyway, since I am counting flyovers as well.

The instrument approach was a breeze. The airport did not have an ILS, but the ATC talked me into a correct approach position until I could see the runway, so that was not a problem at all. Another perfect landing in my log. What more can one ask for.

Pre-flight check

Ready to take off from runway 4

Leaving San Pedro Sula

The Coast of Belize

Final approach to Merida

The eagle has landed!!!

Plane is parked and I am on my way to bed. Good night.
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