Around the world in Cessna 182

May 15, 2004
Belgrade, Serbia (LYBE) to Freiburg, Germany (EDTF) via Bern

It has been several weeks since my last flight. Once again I was plagued by computer problems. This was the second time in 2 years that I had power supply failure on my home computer. What is up with that? I also used this opportunity to replace few more parts (mobo and CPU), and then decided to reinstall the OS as well. It has been a year since it was installed and it was time for a cleanup. Anyway, things seem to be stable now, my computer is working fine, most of the programs have been installed and I am ready to continue my trip.

The weather in Belgrade was good, sunny and without much wind. I got ready, created my flight plan and took off around 2 pm local time. Before setting the heading towards Bern, I had to circle around the city once, just to confirm to myself that it does not look anything like the real thing. Actually, from a good distance, it looked somewhat OK, two rivers, small island in the middle where they meet... even the city outline seemed recognizable. Once you get close however, there aren't any features that seemed familiar. Still, it was fun to visit the city where I was born. It's been very long time (12 yr. or so) since I've visited. After the brief city tour, I climbed relatively high (12,500 ft.) and followed the heading of 285 directly to Bern. I did not land there, just flew over and took few pictures.

Another reason I waited this long to fly next part of my trip was that I wanted to cross the Alps during the daylight. Flying over the huge mountain range in Cessna 182 is no small task, so it is a good idea to do it in a good weather during the daylight. It would really suck if I crash now, after I got this far.

Upon successful crossing of the Alps and flyover Bern (not to mention Interlaken), I turned to 012 towards Freiburg. Shortly after I was on the ground and started preparing for another flight.

Pre flight check at the Belgrade international airport

Waiting for takeoff clearance

Ready for departure, runway 30

Leaving Belgrade

Flying just East of Ljubljana

Over the Slovenia - Italy border

Crossing the Alps

Over Interlaken

Final approach to Freiburg

Parked on the grass
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Serbia and Montenegro






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