Around the world in Cessna 182

December 14, 2003
Knoxville, Tennessee (KTYS) to Toronto, Ontario (CYYZ)

It seems that the low pressure front is still hanging around the eastern area of the US. Knoxville airport was also IFR only, so once again, I had to create and file a plan and all that. The only reason I did not want to do that (not that I had any choice), was to be able to take a closer look of the Niagara falls later. Well, I still did that, but I nearly gave poor ATC guy a heart attack. Oh well, he will get over it.

I took off from the Knoxville airport in very dense fog, and quickly climbed to 7,000 ft. I first flew to Buffalo VOR (heading of 039) and from there to Toronto (heading 300). That way, I flew more less directly over the Niagara falls, so the detour was not that big of a deal.

When I got to Niagara it was snowing, so the screen shots were not all that great, but since the rendering of the falls in the FS2004 is not very impressive, it was probably better that way anyway.

Of course, that means that it was snowing on and off during my approach and landing, but despite that (and very strong cross winds) it all went without any problems. I must be getting better at this flying thing.

Pre-flight check af the Knoxville gate

Next in line for a takeoff

Leaving Knoxville airport towards the Buffalo, NY

Flying through the clouds
Niagara Falls

Final approach to Toronto international

Parked at the gate
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