Around the world in Cessna 182

November 02, 2003
Tucson, Arizona (KTUS) to La Paz, Mexico (MMLP)

Since I arrived in Tucson early, there was enough daytime left to complete another leg of my long trip (or so I thought). From snowy Salt Lake City to sunny La Paz, all in one day! According to The Weather Channel, in La Paz at this moment (15:00 Tucson time), is mostly cloudy and the temperature is steaming 90°F. Ouch! I hate hot weather.

I've decided to fly directly, heading 164, all the way to La Paz. No sightseeing this time. For the first 70 miles or so, I was at the 9,500 ft since I had to cross mountains (pretty ones, see bellow), but then I was able to drop down to much more comfortable 6,000 ft for the remainder of the trip. I have never been to Mexico before so this is completely new experience for me. It is always exciting to travel to a new place even virtually. By the time I got to Baja California it was already dark and I could not take nice pictures (read screen shots). Serves me right for not doing research beforehand I guess. I did get few nice shots of the sunset thought as I was approaching the Baja. Take a look at that shot, and note the cars (headlights) on the highway 15 below me. Kudos to the Flight Simulator programmers, such attention to detail is admirable. It was really interesting to see the coastline of the Baja though, even in the dusk.

Once I got over the water, I had tail wind, and my ground speed was over 130 knots. Approach to La Paz in the dark was pretty spectacular indeed. I managed to do a good landing, parked the plane at the gate, shut down the engine and turned the lights off. This time I did remember to take the image of the flight log after the flight.

Leaving Tucson
Leaving Tucson
Coronado National Forest (south of Tucson)
Moutains south of Tucson
Crossing into Mexico (above Nogales)
Crossing into Mexico
Sunset over Baja California

Final approach to La Paz airport
Final approach to La Paz
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