Around the world in Cessna 182

July 01, 2004
Seattle, Washington (KSEA) to Missoula, Montana (KMSO)

Today I flew over the very familiar area. I used to live in Hamilton, just south of Missoula (I will probably fly over Hamilton on Saturday). I hiked a lot in the Bitterroot Mountains and the Cascades. Both mountain ranges are just out of this world.

Missoula is one of my favorite towns. I really had so much fun there. If you are ever in the area do check it out. Not so far from Missoula is the Glacier National Park. I can only say that, no matter what, no matter how far away you live, you should at least once in your lifetime visit that place. You will not be sorry you did. In all fairness, you should also visit the Jasper national park in Canada few hundred miles to the north of the Glacier NP. I do not think I can ever get tired of visiting those places.

I got cleared to land on runway 29, so I lined up for the approach and shortly afterward I was parked at the gate. From what I remember, the airport in Missoula does not look anything like it does in the FS2004, but it was still very nice to be there once again, even if virtually.

It seems like this Saturday, I will finish my final flight, and arrive home.

Pre flight check at the Seattle International Airport

Leaving Sea-Tac

Mt. Renier

Northern Cascades

The Bitterroots

Final approach to Missoula airport

At the gate
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