Around the world in Cessna 182

December 13, 2003
New Orleans, Louisiana (KMSY) to Knoxville, Tennessee (KTYS)

It was dark and stormy day in New Orleans. No, really it was. I tried to request VFR clearance for a flight to Knoxsville, and was told that the airport was IFR only. So, I created and filed an IFR plan, to fly from New Orleans, to Jackson, MS (flyover only), and to then to Knoxsville.

I was wandering how long will my luck with the good (flying) weather last, and today I found out. During the whole flight, I was going along the front that was bringing thunderstorms to New Orleans and Jackson, and sleet and snow to Knoxville. I still got to make few screen shots on the way though. The good thing is that by the time I got to Knoxville, the weather has cleared up, and the snow has stopped.

ATC approach, and ILS landing were without any problems.

Pre flight check at the gate

Taxying for a takeoff

Next in line

My turn for a takeoff

This is why the MSY was IFR only

Over the Lake Pontchartrain

Rain drops keep falling on my plane...

Downtown Jackson

Jackson reservoir

Flying over Chattanooga, TN

Final approach to Knoxville
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