Around the world in Cessna 182

July 03, 2004
Missoula, Montana (KMSO) to Salt Lake City, Utah (KSLC)

Well, here it is, the final leg of my very, very long virtual trip around the world. I've started on November 2nd last year, and now, seven months and one day later I am done. I have accomplished what I wanted to do, and that is to get a much better idea of the geography and the distances on this planet we call the Earth. During this trip I've visited many places , some of which I hope to also visit in real life one day and some of which I am sure I will never be able to. Some of the places I've visited virtually I do not want to go to, at least until the oppressive governments that are in power now, are gone.

This around the world trip was a huge drain on my free time and I must admit that few times, I've regretted ever starting it. But, once I got started, I had to finish. I hate not finishing things that I start. Now that it is over, I am glad I did it I guess. I am pretty sure I will never do anything like this again though. These web pages will stay on my web site for a while as guidance, or maybe as an encouragement to others who might be crazy enough to try something similar. A word of advice though... don't do it, unless you really have a lot of time on your hands :-)

My flight today was also a very emotional one as I flew over the area I used to live in, The Bitterroot valley. I really have fond memories of that place. I know that area so well, that I was able to navigate just by looking through the windows and did not need my GPS at all (OK, I've used it for the ILS landing). That also says something about the quality of the scenery in this program. From Missoula, I flew to Bitterroot valley first, then over the Chief Joseph pass into the Big Hole, over Wisdom and then southeast towards the I-15. From there, I just went directly south to Salt Lake City. I took some pictures along the way, but mostly just enjoyed the view. Also, I think it is very appropriate that I've arrived home for the July 4th weekend. Just in time for the celebration and fireworks.

I've landed on the Salt Lake City international airport and shortly after left my plane at the GA parking. It will probably be a while before I use this program again. It was fun, but now I need a long break as well as time to do other things.

Over and out.

Pre flight check at Missoula airport

Ready for a takeoff

Leaving Missoula

Following U.S. highway 93 into the Bitterroot valley

Great view of the Blodget Canyon

Lake Como

Trapper peak, we climbed it many times

Leaving the Bitterroot valley

Lost Horse ski area at the Montana and Idaho border

Flying over the Chief Joseph pass into the Big Hole valley

The Great Salt Lake

Antelope island

On final approach

Home at last (Home, sweet home)

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