Around the world in Cessna 182

June 27, 2004
Wales, Alaska (IWK) to Anchorage, Alaska (PANC)

After a very brief rest in Wales, I took off towards the Anchorage. I was very lucky with the weather over the Bering Strait, and in Wales. I've heard that this area can have very high winds and bad weather. It is better in the summer, but still I did not expect to be this lucky.

After the takeoff, I climbed to 9,500 ft. and set the course 098 directly to Anchorage. First part of the flight was over the relatively flat terrain, while the second part took me over the Alaska Range. I flew close to Denali National Park (minor detour was needed) and took a picture of Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in North America.

The Anchorage international airport was very busy (I guess it is a tourist season after all), but the approach and landing went without any problems. I parked the plane and left it there until tomorrow afternoon.

Pre flight check

Leaving Wales

Crossing the Yukon river

Over the Alaska Range

Mt. McKinley

Final approach to Anchorage International

Done for the day
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